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Macintosh Upgrades & Service

Is your Mac running slow? Your Hard Drive might be failing or its technology is too slow for today’s macOS. We can upgrade your Hard Drive to a Solid State Drive for improved speeds close to the new Macs.

Hard Drive is full? We can increase the Storage space on your Mac with select models.

Message us for your repair options @ 754-217-5307

MacBook Pro & MacBook Air Battery Replacement

Battery replacements are available for all Apple laptops. Reach out to us for a quote @ 754-217-5307

Macintosh Data Recovery

Is your Mac not turning on? Data Recovery is possible with a No Power Mac. We can also recover Data from a failing Hard Drive and computers suffering from Liquid Damage. If we cannot recover your Data then there is no charge for the attempt.

Message us @ 754-217-5307 for Data Recovery options.

Apple Certified Macintosh Technician – ACMT

12 years of full time Apple Authorized Service Provider experience. Extensive experience in Apple’s troubleshooting & repair methods. ACMT Certified since 2009. 8 years of active and current Premier Apple Service experience. Receive the same experience you get at the Apple Genius Bar.

Low Cost Repairs

Apple Computers are expensive but repair prices shouldn’t force you to buy a new computer just yet. Message us for an honest recommendation to your specific needs.

Setup & Assistance

Home/Office Setup Consulting

macOS and iOS with iCloud Device Management

Patient Experience guiding Non Tech-Savvy Adults

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What are the most common Mac troubleshooting services?

We’ll be able to help you with some of the majors issues a Mac device may have, such as:

  • Boot issues
  • Slow start or performance
  • Peripherals devices incompatibility
  • Unresponsive hard drive
  • Freezing screens
  • Password resets

And so many other things that you may face while using a Mac.

Which Mac devices do we work with?

Pretty much all of them, we offer our mac troubleshooting services to different devices such as:

  • Macbook
  • Macbook Air
  • Macbook Pro
  • Mac Pro
  • Mac Mini
  • iMac